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Sensitive Gums? Know The 3 Shocking Reasons Behind It


Sensitive gums are an issue that the majority of people face in their lives. But it can be very tough to nail down its reason. Whenever we talk about oral care, the first thing that hits our mind is our teeth. Though teeth are the most crucial factor of an oral setup, other elements like gums are equally important. This is because they protect the teeth and ensure a healthy smile. Now what is sensitive gums?

If you experience pain or discomfort while having cold or hot drinks or during the time of brushing, it may considered gum sensitivity. Sensitive gums can be an actual buzzkill and can make your brushing experience a bad one. Gum sensitivity can happen due to different reasons. So are you facing difficulties with sensitive gums? Know the 3 shocking reasons behind it. We also will discuss how a simple alteration in your oral care routine can make a massive difference. Contact a reputable dental clinic in Barrackpore to get effective medical solutions for gum sensitivity.

Aggressive Brushing; The Sneaky Offender

The most prominent reason behind gum sensitivity is none other than aggressive brushing. Trust it or not, being too energetic with your brush can cause sensitive gums. Some people brush their teeth with hard scrubbing strokes. It seems like they’re polishing silver rather than brushing teeth. Though it may sound good, it can cause serious gum infection, sensitivity, pain and bleeding. So, always try to brush your teeth and gums with gentle strokes. It is suggested to buy brushes that have soft bristles.

Acidic Foods; The Silent Killer

The next noteworthy reason behind the sensitive gums is acidic foods. Acidic foods like fruits and certain vegetables can be delectable on palettes. But their acidic nature can secretly impact the quality and efficacy of your gums. Citrus foods and vegetables like tomatoes and lemon can erode the tooth enamel and contribute to gum sensitivity.

So how can you prevent these issues without quitting the foods? It is very simple. What you need to do is to rinse your mouth each time you eat these foods. Cleaning your mouth every time after having these foods can neutralise the acidity. In such a manner you can save your teeth and gums from having serious problems.

Negligence in Flossing; The Avoided Step

Oral care depends on several steps among which flossing is a notable one. However, the majority of people neglect flossing while doing their regular oral care. Neglecting or avoiding this crucial step enables gum inflammation, sensitive gums, plaque formation and even severe pain. So always try to use an electric flosser in your oral care routine for a hassle-free and precise cleaning experience. Using a flosser make sure that your gums are getting the attention they deserve. Search the term the best dentist near me to get effective tips on preventing gum sensitivity.

End Thoughts

Sensitive gums need care and additional attention. By avoiding aggressive brushing, cleaning your mouth every time after eating acidic foods and inculcating regular flossing, you can make your oral care routine a nicer one. So, follow the steps we cited above and bid goodbye to sensitive gums. To get effective medical solutions for problems like sensitive gums, contact Smile Plus. But why choose us?

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