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Learn The Shocking Advantages of Root Canal Therapy

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Root canal therapy is a dental treatment option for those with extensive tooth pain, decay, or restorative requirements. Though there are alternatives like tooth extraction, they are not as efficient as root canal therapy, and we can prove this statement. Read the full article to learn about the amazing advantages of root canal treatment.

Relieves Pain

A throbbing toothache is one of the worst experiences. The discomfort can seduce you from your everyday chores. Not only can it ruin your work, but it can damage your entire relaxation. Many people misunderstand root canal therapy as a painful tooth treatment.

But the procedure is not painful itself. The pain occurs due to an infected dental pulp inside your tooth. Root canal therapy can clean the damaged tissues and nerves, creating pain inside the tooth. Multiple types of anesthesia options are available to make this process painless.

Lessen Sensitivity

Imagine having a warm bowl of soup on cold winter nights or chilled desserts on a summery afternoon. Isn’t it fascinating? Yes, there is merely anyone who doesn’t love to do so. But infected or inflamed teeth can make these experiences painful. Root canal therapy can remove the infected nerves, reducing the sensitivity in your tooth and gum area.

Prevent Infections

Infection is a serious problem that cannot stop at a single tooth. If not treated well, it will likely spread to the rest of the teeth and even to the other parts of the heart. Infections can destroy both your oral health and your smile. In such situations, therapy can work to prevent the infections from spreading.

Protect Natural Smile

Another great advantage of root canal therapy is protecting natural smiles. The main objective of our canal therapy is to protect the tooth rather than replace it. Dental prosthetics can restore the strength of human teeth to some extent. But they cannot feel, look, or function like natural teeth. So consider having root canal therapy to eat food without damaging your natural smile.

Quick & Easy

The next notable benefit of root canal therapy is its quick and easy process. Tooth extraction is a lengthy and expensive process requiring multiple visits to any reputable dental clinic in Barrackpore. From extracting the tooth to having restorative treatments like implants, dentures, or bridges, one may need weeks, months, or even a year. Who has that much of time? On the other hand, root canals can be done in a single go within an hour or even less.


Root canal therapy is inexpensive compared to dental procedures like tooth extraction, implants, bridges, or dentures. It is also painless. The infected pulp and nerves cause pain during this process.


So, these are some amazing advantages of root canal therapy. Contact Smile Plus Clinic if you are also searching for painless yet effective root canal treatment. Our dedicated staff, highly advanced instruments, and single-sitting root canal sessions allow us to offer the best treatment. Call us or visit our site to learn more about our services.