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5 Reasons That Depict Why Tooth Extraction is Mandatory

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Tooth extraction is a dental process in which a single tool is removed from the tooth’s dental sockets or alveoli. Dental surgeons often perform tooth extraction, but periodontists and general dentists can also perform this process as part of their core skills. The experts thoroughly assess the teeth, mouth, and gums before extracting the tooth. There are two types of extraction processes.

Simple Extraction

Simple extractions are dental treatment processes that a dentist or oral surgeon performs on teeth visible in the mouth. Experts perform this procedure under the influence of local anesthesia.

Surgical Extraction

If the dental experts cannot access the tooth, surgical Extraction is the ideal option. Surgical Extraction occurs if the tooth is cracked under the gum line or hasn’t exuded well. In this process, the dental expert may create an incision to expand the soft tissues that cover the human tooth. The doctor may also split the tooth into several pieces for better removal. This type of tooth removal is performed under general anesthesia.

So these are the two types of tooth extraction. We all know that human teeth are of two types: permanent teeth and milk teeth. Milk teeth are the initial set of teeth that the human body generates. After falling off this set of teeth, the second set of teeth or permanent teeth come out. Let’s discuss the five reasons why tooth extraction is mandatory.

Irreparable Tooth Damage

The first reason tooth extraction is mandatory is tooth damage. Tooth damage can be irreparable when tooth decay touches the center or pulp of the tooth. Tooth decay can produce harmful bacteria that invade the pulps and create infections. Though the root canal process can help in such situations, doctors always prefer Extraction to prevent the infection from spreading further.

Periodontal Issues

The next major factor behind most tooth extractions is periodontal disease. Periodontal diseases affect the gums, alveolar bones, periodontal ligaments, and other structures around the teeth. Gingivitis is the first of these diseases. These issues occur due to certain bacteria in dental plaque, a sticky, thick substance that forms on the tooth surface and can loosen the tooth forever.

Tooth Overcrowding

Sometimes, tooth extraction becomes necessary to stop the overcrowding of the teeth in the mouth. It is also recommended for patients who have to undergo any dental treatment. An orthodontist can assess your teeth’ positioning and decide whether the teeth have enough space to move for better alignment. Teeth extraction can be an option if there is insufficient space to correct your teeth’ alignment.


If a dental problem is severe, tooth extraction is mandatory in cases of car collisions or accidental hits. Doctors always prioritize tooth preservation. But when that is not possible, tooth extraction becomes a necessity.

Affected Teeth

Multiple factors can affect human teeth, including damage, decay, plaque formation, blockage, and improper eruption. If not treated well, damaged teeth can affect the other teeth. Hence, doctors suggest dental services like Extraction in such cases.


These are some factors that trigger tooth extraction. Doctors always prioritize the preservation of existing teeth as long as possible. However, sometimes, teeth extraction becomes a necessity for certain reasons. If you are also searching for a safe, painless, and comfortable tooth extraction, contact Smile Plus. Why choose us?

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